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La Rena is a fashion brand of Slovak designer Renata Kliska, which was founded in 2012. La Rena models are a celebration of femininity, elegance and timeless style. Like their author, they present a love of fashion and beauty.

La Rena is synonymous with luxury clothing models and exclusive fur coats. High-quality fabrics, exclusive fur materials, a high proportion of handwork, precise tailoring, bold combinations of materials, structures and colors and especially a strong emphasis on elegance make each model of the La Rena brand unique.

La Rena models are regularly presented on world catwalks, appeared during New York Couture Fashion Week, on the red carpet during Oscar night in Los Angeles, on the French Riviera
in Nice or during the Cannes film festival.

In addition to the home salon in Bratislava, you can find the La Rena brand in the luxury fashion house Popp & Kretschmer in Vienna.

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